Middle Dee

The middle river is generally held to be from Banchory to Aboyne.

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There are some classic beats in this part of the river all with exceptional fly water. In a mild winter the fish can be in this part of the river in good numbers on opening day. In colder years the middle river fishes well from around mid-March into June. As the water warms, usually by mid-April, the fish become more active and will begin to chase the fly. Their upstream migration gains fresh impetus as they make for the upper river, with fresh fish moving through the beats.

Sport can be fast and furious when the sea trout, grilse and summer salmon arrive. Sea Trout fishing on the middle Dee can be excellent and the long nights of May and June can produce some memorable catches. With good conditions the middle river will fish well right to the very last day of the season.

Latest catches - Fri, 23 Nov 2018

New Season Begins on 1 February 2019

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