Connecting young people to the River Dee through fun, hands on activities linked to the Curriculum for Excellence.

This year over 2000 local children enjoyed visits from the River Dee Trust, learning more about the importance of the river and the wildlife that depends on it.

Our IntroDee education programme aims to highlight the river’s importance to conservation and the social and economic wellbeing of people in Deeside while integrating outdoor learning into the Curriculum for Excellence.

IntroDee can be tailored to schools' needs and can include a session at a local trout fishery to introduce young people to fishing and encourage the next generation of anglers.

IntroDee is open to all primary schools within the catchment of the River Dee. There are 54 primary schools within the Dee catchment, are you one of them?

We can arrange to visit your class virtually or in person in the playground. Your visits will be entirely tailored to you and your class and what you wish to cover. Playground visits are carried out observing social distancing and with a stringent quarantine and cleaning of resources. Please get in touch if you would like to see our risk assessment.

Topics Covered By IntroDee

  • The River Dee; its use and importance to wildlife and man
  • Water use, the water cycle, impacts of human activities on the river such as pollution
  • Wildlife that live in and around the river including native and non-native species
  • Ecology and biology of the river such as food chains and life cycles of Atlantic salmon and freshwater pearl mussel

Why Take Part In IntroDee?

  • IntroDee offers children a chance to learn and gain first-hand experience during outdoor riverbank visits and a trip to Raemoir Trout Fishery near Banchory.
  • IntroDee links to Curriculum for Excellence and can be tailored to suit school’s needs.
  • IntroDee is free to schools, apart from the cost of bus travel if required. We may reimburse 50% of transport costs by prior arrangement.
  • IntroDee is fun!

Visits can be arranged across the catchment and within Aberdeen City, such as by the Dee on Riverside Drive where bus parking, toilets and a wet weather shelter are available.

Please contact our education officer Jane Lilley on or 01339 880411 if you wish to take part or have any queries.

Living River Festival

February 03, 2020

The River Dee Trust, organised the first festival to celebrate all aspects of the River Dee on Saturday. We were delighted it was such a success after hundreds of people took part in a range of events.

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A Million Trees to Save Our Salmon

January 30, 2020

The River Dee Trust has announced plans to plant a million native trees in one of the biggest nature restoration projects in the Cairngorms. The project will recreate areas of landscape that have been lost for 2000 years.

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Callum Mackenzie Cup 2019

November 01, 2019

The Callum Mackenzie Cup is awarded by Ballogie Estate Enterprises for the most notable fish, of any species, caught by a youngster within the Dee catchment, including Rivers Cowie and Carron or one of the many trout fisheries in the district.

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Fisheries Protection

September 24, 2019

With the season coming to a close Fisheries Officers are still working hard to protect salmon from poachers. Poaching still goes on and can have a major impact on fish stocks, particularly when numbers are down across the country.

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