Restoring Access

Since 2007,the Board and Trust have removed thirty obstacles to fish migration

One of our biggest successes has been to increase the size of the catchment available to salmon. Where we have  man-made  obstacles to fish migration, such as an old weir, we have removed it.  In the last 10 years, we have removed over thirty obstructions to fish migration. One of the largest was the Culter Dam, which opened up about 75km of the catchment to salmon. Once we remove the other obstacles on the Culter catchment we will have opened up about 125km of  river. Salmon and sea trout will take a few years to colonise the area, but we have made a good start. In the first year following installation 2014, 38 salmon used the fish pass.  The following  summer (2015), we recorded the first salmon fry in the Culter catchment in over 250 years. So the process is well underway. 

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