Dee Fishing Report week ending 13 August 2016

August 15, 2016

We enjoyed a better week on the river with 125 fish reported to the website. Angling effort remains patchy in parts but we have been picking away all the same and there are fish on the go.
Ardoe and Murtle had a few nice fish last week, finishing with 9 in the book. Culter got their season underway with 2 fish, while Altries picked up 4. Graham Stokes had one of Middle Drum's grilse on a Silver Ally's. Tilbouries had 2, including one for 12yo Sam Thomson who had his first salmon, a cracker around 13lb, on Friday.
Upper Drum and Lower Durris had 6, five of which fell to one rod.
Park had a solid week with 30, the best of which was a 21lbr for Colin Maclean, who had five for his visit. Drew Macmillan had a couple. Thomas Langbein had 3 to 18lbs, John Cole had 3 and Phil and Andy Crawford shared a couple, one of which was 18lb for Andy. Andy Roskill had 6, John Rogers had 4 to 15lb and John O'Sullivan had 3 grilse.
Lower Crathes and West Durris had 11 and Crathes Castle had 8; Jason Gaccione had 2 of those, including a 20lbr. He had reeled in shortly before lunch and saw a fish move and so decided to have a cast. Long story short, ghillie Brian Sim landed it around 1.25pm.
I had an email from Stephen Paterson following his annual visit to the Dee.
"Had a good 4 days last wk on the Dee, I got lucky I think! managing to land a total of 8! On Banchory Mon- Wed I caught 2 on Mon a blank on Tues and a cracking day on Wed landing 5!! All grilse between 2- 5 lb.
Thursday saw us on Crathes and I caught a 6lbr first thing but the highlight of the wk was my son (Stephen Junior) who's 13 catching his first salmon a sealiced grilse about 3lb in Kashentroch in a rapidly rising river!! A superb end to the week!!"

Alan Moore had his first salmon on the fly, an 8lbr from Hollybush at Lower Blackhall and Kinneskie. Little Blackhall and Inchamrlo had 3, including a 15lbr for John Masson.

Cairnton and Middle Blackhall had four for the week. Ian Ogden's party was back on the river and Nick Hill got them off the mark with a liced grilse from Glisters on Monday on a fly synonymous with Cairnton, the Blue Charm . There were fish showing, but less keen to take. On Tuesday, Stewart Henderson landed a grilse in the Cottage on a Flamethrower. On Wednesday, Eric Rymer landed another liced grilse in the Cottage on a Silver Stoat. Rising water hampered things on Thursday and Frantz Bouchot got things back on track on Friday with a 10lber from the Upper Ferroch on an Ally's Shrimp. Ghillie Brian Brogan reports seeing plenty of fish on Saturday, but they stoically refused all offerings.

Ade Warburton and Patrick Taylor were at Commonty last week and managed a few sea trout and grilse. Patrick landed a clean 14lbr on Friday. This was Ade's first visit following the flood and he notes that while there have been changes, some of the pools looked ‘very fishy indeed', especially after the rise on Thursday.

Dess had 4 and Elaine Mather picked up Carlogie's only fish, in the Mill Pool. Birse had three with several lost.
Sian Richardson celebrated her wedding Anniversary with a 10lbr from Crofts and son Angus had a couple of grilse. The beat hooked a fish each day last week, including five on Wednesday, landing just 3 for the week.

Hans-Joachim Klindt and Jost Meyer, from Germany, shared 7 at Dinnet, the best of which was Hans' 12lbr. They had fish on a variety of flies, fishing a variety of depths and earned their rewards. Cambus managed a couple on Friday evening.
Crathie had two, the biggest was a 17lbr from Craigenrhur. They are off the mark this week with a fresh grilse- let's hope it's the start of some good sport on the Dee this week.


It looks like overhead conditions will be bright and sunny. It's good news for non-fishers, but I could do without it. Temperatures will be up to around 22 degrees and I suspect and early start and some evening fishing will be most profitable this week. The moon will be full on Tuesday and we have big tides for the rest of the week. Water levels are good following a rise at the end of last week. Unfortunately, the SEPA data feed is not working today, which is disappointing, so you will just have to take my word for it.
Tactics will be the floating line and tips. It probably pays to mix tactics a bit. The full floater and small fly is a lovely way to fish, but there are times when fish are less keen on this approach than we are. Fishing a Frances or Sunray deep in the water may provide some extra stimulus for previously uncooperative fish.
Tight lines.
Ross Macdonald