Dee Fishing Report Week Ending 27 August 2016

August 29, 2016

We had another frustrating week on the river and despite the rods working hard each day, an unholy trinity of bright conditions, low water, and dour fish prevailed. There are plenty fish in the pools but they have been stoically refusing to take. Some did, but after speaking with the ghillies, the 61 reported is not a fair reflection of the fish in the river. I would like to see more fish coming into the river, as the fresh boys are our best bet in these conditions.

I was at Park's junior day on Saturday and I saw a lot of fish- of all colours- splashing about in the pools. It was encouraging to see the beat with a head of fish in it; at the same time, it was very frustrating, which was a common experience last week. The water has fallen away now and we are in real need of a spate (just a few feet and not damaging, please). And a frost….and more agreeable fish.

Kingcausie picked up another and there was just a smattering of fish from Culter up to Park. Park rods managed 11 for the week, including one for one of Saturday's juniors, Angus Rutherford, who had a 10lbr- well done young man! Nick Warren had 4, 3 of which were grilse. Regulars Andy Crawford and John Fraser were also on the scorecard as was Richard Hooper.

Joseph Robinson had a 9lbr and lost several others at Crathes Castle, on a size 10 Crathie. The beat finished on 5 for the week.

Kim Michelsen's party returned to Cairnton and Middle Blackhall and fished hard all week. They fish in the classic Cairnton style of a Blue Charm, floating line and long tapered leader. On Monday Dan Pedersen landed a fresh grilse of about 5lb, from Rockheads. Per Larson landed a fish of about 16lb in Invercannie on the same evening. Tuesday saw Kim land an 8lber in Invercannie. Dan got another grilse from the Grey Mare.

Ian Fraser had the fishing at Commonty last week. They managed 10 for their labours, of which 7 were fresh including a couple of liced grilse. They were caught on a mix of small gold Willie Gunns, Franc N Snaelda, and Monkeys.

Dess had four for the week, 1 salmon and 3 grilse. George Goodchild had the 3 ‘freshish' grilse, which ghillie Eoin Smith tells me were just on the turn. Birse had a couple, a fresh grilse and a coloured 10lbr.

Ian Murray reports some clean fishing arriving on his beats at Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld and Glenmuick. 13yo Amy Wroblewski caught her first ever fish, 4lb grilse, from Mitchells on a size 15 Cascade. She lost a second, shortly afterwards. Congratulations Amy. The other fish were also taken on very small flies.


Good grief, it is going to be warm and sunny for the most part this week. We will have some cloud toward the end of the week, which is a mercy, but be prepared for fishing out with office hours. Air temperatures will be up to 20 degrees. Water temperatures will be between around 13-15 degrees Celsius. We need a spate to refresh the river, the fish and the anglers. There are fish in the pools, but they are off the take. Some colder nights would be welcome too if that can be arranged, to bring the water temperatures down and get the fish back in the mood.

Rods have been fishing everything from the small Crathie or Stoat on the full floater to a big Frances fished deep. Keep ringing the changes until you get the right mix. As ever, listen to your ghillie.

Tight lines. 

Ross Macdonald