Fishing Report Week Ending 3 September 2016

September 05, 2016

We begin September and in dire need of a spate and more fresh fish coming into the system. Conditions remain challenging and the fish continue to cavort around the pools without much interest in taking a fly. This stalemate will continue until we get a change. That is only part of the story and we have just not had a strong run of fish to keep things ticking over. We are not alone in this and speaking with colleagues across the country we remain in the grip of the Dog Days.

The lower river has toiled during what should be their best weeks. Ardoe and Murtle had the best of it with eight for the week, but there were slim pickings from there up to Park, where George Minton had a brace on Friday. John Laird also had a brace last week, the best of which was 10lb. Andrew Duncan also had a fish.

Tono Puicercus, from Spain was at Lower Crathes for a few days and had the biggest fish of the week- a 98cm cock fish with a large kype and a grilse. Messrs Gaunt and Renwick also had fish.

Bernard Bimboes from France saved a blank for Cairnton and Middle Blackhall with a fish of about 7lb from the Upper Ferroch taken on a Black Frances on Friday.

There are plenty of fish at Ballogie and Carlogie, with lots of grilse in evidence. Ghillie Sean Stanton is certain the next proper rise we get will result in good sport for the rods. Ballogie had five last week, all grilse on a mix of Red Frances and the Sunray. As things stand the low water remains challenging with the rods confined to the necks and tails.

Dess managed winkle out three fish, including one for Christopher Harold. It was a similar story at Birse and the three fish they had didn't provide a true reflection of what was in the pools.

The upper river had similar fortunes and there were just a few fish landed upstream of Aboyne. Most notable were reports of more first fish. Liz Carruthers had two fish from Frank's Pool at Aboyne Castle on a size 12 Stoat. Upstream at Monaltrie, Dr Neil MacLeod celebrated his first fish, a grilse, taken on a size 14 hairwing with a touch of blue in it.


We need rain. The forecast suggests we will get some next weekend, although whether it makes a difference remains to be seen. It will be a challenging week for the rods, they will see plenty salmon, but hooking them is another story altogether. An early start might be the best tactic this week. Air temperatures will be up to 23 degrees and water temperatures will be in the 13-15 degrees range, possibly as high as 17 degrees at times. The wind will be from the south and will swing a bit east and west. It will be bright for the most part becoming cloudier towars the end of the week.

Rods and ghillies have been trying every trick in the book to tempt fish. Small flies, large flies, flies fished deep and shallow; flies fished fast and slow. It seems the fish will show brief interest at some point during the day and it's a matter of persistence. If the small fly on the floater doesn't work, get a tip on and get the fly down a bit. Try everything! The Frances will be a popular choice, so well worth having a few on hand. As ever, listen to your ghillie.

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Tight lines. Ross Macdonald 

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