Smolt tracking…. A little bit of luck!

October 28, 2016

When we tested our acoustic tracking equipment in the Harbour back in February, one of the hydrophone receivers (that listens for and records the acoustic tags) was ‘lost’, after the boat that we were trying to retrieve the receiver with accidentally sheared the mooring rope. We have been back a couple of times to try and retrieve it, but it has been too deep and not even visible. 

We were disappointed to write-off this valuable piece of kit and were  surprised and delighted when we received a phone call this morning, informing us that our receiver had been washed up at Cove! It is a little bashed apparently, but the flashing red light suggests it is still working. We will collect it next week and check to see if it has any more information about what our tagged smolts did when they moved through the harbour in May. After-all, this receiver was further seawards than all the others!