Dee & Don Riparian Habitat Enhancement Project

June 01, 2017

The excellent habitat restoration work delivered under the Perils in Peril Project is continuing under a different name, the Dee & Don Riparian Habitat Enhancement Project. The team will be advising farmers about diffuse pollution issues such as unfenced banks, instream waterings for livestock and will be supporting the farmers with the application process for grants to address these problems.

Example of instream watering with problems of poaching by cattle, resulting in silt entering burn

The project will continue with tree and woodland planting along watercourses on the upper tributaries of the Deen and the Don. Trees provide a number of benefits for our salmon and trout - they provide shade and so reduce water temperatures, stabilise riverbanks and prevent erosion, improve the retention of rainwater by the land to reduce flooding and create new habitats and input nutrients by providing woody debris and leaf litter.

Over the past few weeks the team have been visiting farmers on the Beltie, Logie, Feugh, Sheeoch  & Cattie Burns who participated in the Conservation of Atlantic Salmon Scotland project (CASS), to investigate potential for continued or additional management through the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) agri-environment funding. 

Replacement of watering by trough and fenced off buffer strip

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