Dee Fishing Report WE 1 April 2017

April 03, 2017

It was a slow and frustrating week on the Dee, with just thirty fish reported. The resident fish were off the take and we didn't get many new ones to keep the catch ticking over. Sluie's owner Richard Strang Steele wrote, ‘A rather frustrating week at Sluie last week. Our rods were seeing and covering plenty of running fresh fish and a few residents but they were all proving hard to tempt.' Richard's story was a familiar one on the river last week.

Conditions were not great. At the beginning of the week it was very cold and combined with the low water it was challenging. When all said and done, more fish entering the river is the key variable and we need more of those.

Middle Drum picked up another fish. Peter Forbes had a liced 7lbr from the lower Lawson on a Durris Shrimp. Nothing else was reported until Crathes Castle, where Will Semper, from Shrewsbury, had a cracker of around 15lb. Invery & Tilquhillie fared a little better with four. Will Simper had another, this time a 5 lbr from Greenbank. John Fyfe had a 6lb fish from Floating Bank and an 8 lbr from Greenbank. Norwegian visitor, Bjoern Dag Pedersen had an 11lb fish came from Pantoch.

Mr Ross had a 6lbr from Bohore as well as a lovely sea trout of about 2lb. John Denning had one of about 12lb on a Dee Monkey bottle tube. Upstream at Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo, ghillie Martin Robson also saw plenty fish during the week but struggled to beyond the 5lbr they had from the Fawn.

Cairnton and Middle Blackhall finished the week with three. One from Middle Blackhall at 7lb from floating bank and two from Cairnton. Ian Scott had a 7lbr from the Grey Mare for and a Cairnton first time fish for David Fisher, who was fishing the beat for the first time, also had a 7lbr, this time from Sandy Bay. Willie Gunn variants on floating lines with 10ft fast tips were doing the job.

Commonty picked up another three. Jan Christenson, Anders Sundquhist and Jonny Alexandersson were the successful anglers. Sluie's fish was a7lbr, landed by Paul Vernon. Kincardine also had three. Dave Palmer and Jerry Oddig had one a piece and the third fell to a Norwegian visitor. The fish were all in the 7/8lb bracket.

Dess had three, including one for Speyside's Ian Gordon, taken on his favourite Swallow Fly. Dave MacDonald got off the mark at Birse, with a late evening fish from Big Jetty. Craig Corbett had Aboyne Castle's fish. Headinch and Cambus O May had two fish. Once for Dave Woodhouse at 7lb and the other for James Madden, also 7lb.


We could do with a spate. We are not quite at low water, but its on its way and there doesn't appear to be any rain forecast this coming week. We will have reasonable cloud cover and the wind will be from the west, for the most part, occasionally swinging to the north-west mid-week. Air temperatures will be up to around 10C/50F.

As we move into April, water levels suggest a more delicate approach. A floating line and intermediate tip will be a good choice, possibly with a size 8-10 double. The usual hairwings- Munro's Killer, Silver Stoat and long-tailed flies such as the Flamethrower and Cascade will work well. Dee Monkeys will also be useful, scaled down perhaps, but I doubt anyone who fishes the Dee would be without a couple in the fly box.

As ever, listen to your ghillie!

Tight lines. Ross Macdonald

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