Fishing Report WE 9 September 2017

September 11, 2017

Fishing Report WE 9 September 2017

Last week ended in stronger fashion than it began, with 115 fish in the book. A much-needed rise of water arrived midweek and sport picked up, particularly on Friday and Saturday. We are not getting the volume of fresh fish into the river but not the run I would expect to see at this time of year. Fresh fish are still coming and seem hell bent on running through the lower beats. The river has a large head of fish in it and the fishing gods smile and give us good back end conditions, we will fish very well in last weeks of the season. If we get some prolonged frost, I think there will be a lot of bent rods. As it stands the water is still hovering around 50-52F or 10-11C. Ideally, I want it to drop to about 42F or 5C.

Altries picked up three last week. Park managed twenty-two, including fish for Park owner, William Foster, who had a 13lbr from Bakebare. Regular Dee angler, Emmanuel Farinoli picked up a couple on Saturday and Andy McGall had a grilse from Lower Kirks, also on Saturday. John Chalmers had the best of it, landing three on Saturday at 12lb, 15lb and 20lb. Father and son team, Peter and Pat Ingram shared a half dozen for their visit.

Lower Crathes had nine for the week and Crathes Castle managed a couple. Invery and Tilquhillie had three including a first fish for Susan Spence, a 5lbr from Floating Bank. Susan was one of the participants in the Ladies' Days held on the beat over Friday and Saturday. Alison Hutchison also had a nice sea trout of about 3lb.

Mats Anderson took the fishing at Cairnton and Middle Blackhall. The party landed eight, seven, from the Cairnton side. There were a couple of cleanish fish among them, but nothing brand new.

Fresh fish were seen on the middle river at Commonty and Carlogie, but they remained elusive. The Lockwood party shared eight at Carlogie and Commonty. At Ballogie, Craig Fleming had one on Saturday and John Grant had the other eight during his trip to the river. Roy McGlone had both of Dess's fish, one of which was a silver grilse. Eoin Smith tells me Roy is a ‘failsafe' at Dess and can usually be relied upon to get his name in the catch book.

Aboyne Castle picked up five. Martin Webster had four and Phillip Wood had one. Craigendinnie had three. Peter McDonnell had a 10lbr from Jocky and Tom O'Donnell had a brace from Crofts.

Ken Hillsden and Tony Gahagan, had fish at Dinnet, which ended the week with five. Cambus picked up a couple. Norman Hall had a 6lbr from Stone in the Hole and Flemming Binnerup had a 10lbr from Clarach. There was a lot of activity on the beat once the water came up with several more fish lost. Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld and Crathie were peas in a pod with eight apiece.

Ian Murray, who is not a man prone to exaggeration, tells me he has never seen so many fish in his beats at Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld, which is great to hear. There are some big fish in residence too, one of which nearly emptied a reel before snapping the leader around a stone. It also appears the silver fish others have seen running, have been making their way to him. While not liced he has had a few fish which had been in for a week or so.

Finally, there has been a lot of heat and light generated about pink salmon. The Board and Trust have published an update on the situation, which can be viewed on the River Dee website

With decent conditions, I remain confident about our prospects. Be sure to check our latest availability


Water levels are good this week and we may have another top up on Wednesday. The wind will be westerly and not too blustery, which is encouraging. All in all, overhead conditions look favourable. I would still like to see overnight temperatures drop back to around freezing, but I suspect that is wishful thinking t this juncture. The closer the water temperature gets to 42F/10C the better. When that happens, we will see a real spike in catches as the fish come on the take.

A mixture of flies were successful last week. Ally's, Park Shrimps and Red Frances all featured. The common theme is getting the fly down to the fish. So the floater and a selection of tips will be the best bet.

As ever, listen to your ghillie!

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