IntroDee and IntroDon in Full Swing

May 26, 2017

Each year, for the past 10 years, over 400 local children enjoy visits to the banks of the River Dee. We have recently, through our work with the River Don Trust, created an IntroDon version of the course, which we have been busy delivering. We have been out and about on the Dee and Don, introducing youngsters to the role our rivers and wildlife play in our community. 

We have delivered several classroom and riverbank visits during May and will conclude the pre-summer sessions in early June with some trips to Raemoir Fishery   Banchory. After that, we are back in action with the schools in Term1 in August.

Meeting the Ghillie
Youngsters learn about the life of a Dee ghillie.
Identifying fish, bugs and beasties is a lot of fun

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