River Dee Team Deliver Institute of Fisheries Management Training Event

November 03, 2017

We were delighted to host the Institute of Fisheries Management on the Baddoch Burn this week. The IFM bought  nine trainees, drawn from from fishery boards, river trusts and independent ecologists for their Riparian Trees for Upland River Systems training event.

We met up in the morning in Braemar, before getting into the   4x4s for a run up Baddoch glen to look at all PiP planting schemes and discuss the how the project was delievered on the Dee catchement.   

 Led by the Dee team, the trainees were introduced to various type of riparian habitat enhancement, including tree planting and green bank protection followed by an afternoon of practical instruction. The group were given the opportunity to construct small tree enclosures, plant trees and install a willow bank revetment.  

Enjoy the clip!