River Dee Trust Auction

November 14, 2017

The River Dee Trust has launched its fundraising drive for the 2018 season with a unique and exclusive online auction.

The Trust is a charitable organisation tasked with understanding the catchment of the River Dee and the factors that influence it. The research leads to practical works to restore the river for future generations – including community engagement and education programmes.

Earlier this month, as part of its fundraising campaign, the Trust launched an online auction which includes a number of rare and exclusive experiences.

River Director, Mark Bilsby said: “There’s an increasing awareness about the importance of the river and the many ways it significantly contributes to the local and national economy. For example, angling in the River Dee generates a £15 million revenue and supports an estimated 500 rural jobs.

“We have been delighted with the support received from both local businesses and individuals – many of the prizes listed truly are once in a lifetime. We’re hopeful that the funds generated from the auction will enable us to continue our invaluable work.”

This year’s auction lots include: a tour of Her Majesty’s Pony stud at Balmoral, a highland safari, an artists’ masterclass at Banchory Lodge, a press photography experience, fishing tackle and fishing on the Dee. A highlight amongst the prizes comes from newly established, Twin River Distillery and the Tor Na Coille Hotel in Banchory.

Twin River is offering the highest bidder the opportunity to learn about the whisky making process before making an octave (55L) of whisky, which will then be stored in a virgin charred American Oak Cask for up to five years. Each year, the maker will be invited back to the distillery to taste the whisky as it matures. 

Twin River brand director, Ryan Rhodes, said: “Our distillery is actually named after the River Dee – we use water from the river in our spirits, which makes it an integral part of our products and the development – and it’s a twin of the River Don, hence Twin River.

 “Operating and distilling in Royal Deeside we know and appreciate the first-hand the value of the river from a local perspective and when we learned about the Trust’s aims and initiates, we felt compelled to support by offering a unique experience.”

All auction can be viewed online at riverdeeauction.org.uk