Dee Fishing Report WE 7 April

April 09, 2018

Conditions continue to improve on Deeside, albeit imperceptibly! Water temperatures have started to rise and this morning some of the ghillies on the lower river noted it was somewhere between 40-42F or 4-5C in new money. And as if by magic Crathie reported their first three fish of the season, so they have been on the move. Overall catches remain underwhelming and while conditions play a part, they are a secondary concern. We need more fish to come into the system.

Park had five for the week, three of which went to Ronnie Fraser. Ronnie had two from Bulwarks, one from each bank and one from the Cellar. Kenny Thom also had a fish.

Lower Crathes had eleven for the week including fish for Stephen Paterson and a nice brace for Stuart Yeats on Friday. Crathes Castle had a couple, one to well-known Danish angler Henrik Mortensen and one to Billy Graham, who had a fish from the Boat Pool on a Black and Yellow. Invery and Tilquhillie managed just the one, but it was a cracker. Regular rod, Colin Harvey hooked an 18lbr in S Pool and landed it some distance downstream. It was an invigorating encounter by all accounts!

Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo had five for their efforts. Matthew Rogerson got things going at the start of the week, then Catherine Rogerson and David Trembath picked up two apiece.

Cairnton's first fish of the week was a liced 7lbr taken on a gold Willie Gunn in The Cottage. Pontus Gunlycke, from Sweden, got his three-week trip to Deeside off to a good start with a 10lbr in the Rockhead and followed it up with a 14lb fish in Invercannie on Tuesday. Both on the Middle Blackhall side. Pontus sent in some footage which you can view on the FishDee Facebook page.

Woodend and Sluie, are both unghillied, but very attractive beats and they scored again last week with four and one respectively.

At Commonty, Richard Ingham and Chris Jardine had a fish each. John Barr and Andy Wightman had fish at Carlogie and Ballogie and several more fell off. Andrew Goodenough had one at Birse, where Pontus also lost a large fish just as he was about to land it. A few fish were seen going through the beat. On the other bank, Aboye Water ghillie Chaz Booth saw fish moving on Saturday. Their only fish of the week took a Willie Gunn in Lummels.

David McLeod had a nice 13lbr from Middle Fontie at Craigendinnie on Monday morning. Cliff Grimmer also had a fish, a 15lbr from Crofts.

Finally, Colin McHardy had two at Crathie on Saturday on Monkey. The third fell to a Willie Gunn.


Water levels are good and river temperatures are much improved, which is good news. Overhead conditions will be a fine with some rain. The only fly in the ointment is the wind, which will come from the east.

Tackle and tactics will remain much as they have all season with floaters and fast sink tips or slow sinking lines. The Willie Gunn and Black and Yellow have been the dominant patterns so far and the Dee Monkey should really start to come into its own. Might soon be time to try fishing a Collie or Sunray fast just under the surface.

As ever, listen to your ghillie.

Tight Lines

Ross Macdonald

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