Fishing Report WE 29 June 2018

July 02, 2018

The heatwave continues. I have been hearing rumours that Deeside chickens are laying hard boiled eggs and the cows are producing evaporated milk. Camel sightings are unconfirmed.

Fishing, as you may have surmised, was difficult last week and my hat is tipped to all those rods who did the sensible thing and adopted a nocturnal lifestyle. Late evening and night time fishing was the best way to tackle the heat, although a few rods did score in the hot conditions.

Park regular Bernard Bimboes did well with three of the beat's five fish last week. Colin Harvey and Gordon Mutch pitched in to land Invery and Tilquhillie' s two fish. Banchory picked up five and Cairnton and Middle Blackhall had two- one apiece for Peter Cox, who landed his Cairnton fish from Potters on a monkey and Owen Duff, who landed a 5lb grilse from Glisters on a Red Francis and fast sink tip.

Upper Blackhall and Lower Woodend had one each. I had a nice email from Richard Newton whose party fished the Ballogie beats last week.

‘The conditions were as tough as we have experienced in many years fishing the Ballogie beats, with temperatures building during the week and the river warming markedly and shrinking to very low levels. Despite this, we were heartened to see good numbers of fish, a distinct improvement over the lean years of 2014/15. Under the circumstances, we were pleased with our tally of 5 salmon and 17 sea trout. Special mention to John Miller from Wiltshire who had 4 Salmon to his rod and Rob Bull with a beautifully conditioned sea trout of nearly 4lb from Jock Rae at 1,00am. With one exception all our fish were caught early, before 11.00am and late after 10.00pm. We fished through every night, such as it is in midsummer with a full moon and no doubt everyone is paying the price back at work this morning. The memories of catching sea trout in the warmth and half-light will stay with us in the dark winter months ahead. Fingers crossed for some proper rain before long. Both fish and fishers need it.'

Dess had six for the week. Local rod Ewan Maclachlan had a couple of those and a sea trout. A couple of Swiss visitors benefited from a late-night session on Wednesday, sharing three fish between them.

Jim Stewart from the Borgie was back at Aboyne Water and fished late for his 8lbr from Lummels and a couple of sea trout. Robert Wheatcroft had a 4lb grilse from the Island Pool at Waterside and Ferrar.

Just upstream, Patrick Booth had a fish from Deecastle, a 5lbr from Polbaw and Howard Clark had on from Pleasant Walk on Dinnet.

Ian Murray tells me they are seeing and caught a couple of fresh grilse up at Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld, which is encouraging.

Finally, Richard Jewell, had a 5lbr from the Boat Runs at Crathie.


Challenging conditions will persist for the foreseeable future on Deeside. There is no sign of meaningful rain in the forecast so we should continue to fish early and late to maximise our chances. Cloud cover looks to be better than the end of last week, but we will have to wait and see what comes our way. Air temperatures will be up to 24C. Please be sure to use sunblock and have plenty of water on hand to ward off dehydration.

Generally, keep the tackle light and the flies small. As I suggested last week, small coneheads can work well in the necks of pools and where the fly doesn't have far to swing, use a fast tip to get it down quickly. Be stealthy and be sure to keep off the skyline. There are a few fresh fish coming in and chances of hooking them will be increased the more care you take.

As ever, listen to your ghillie.

Tight Lines

Ross Macdonald

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