Large Woody Structures – Fish Living in Trees?

August 29, 2018

Woody debris structures were installed into a section of the Gelder Burn just over a year ago, to trial this management technique for the first time in our catchment. We have been very pleased with their performance so far, creating diverse instream habitats for fish and other aquatic wildlife, providing shelter and catching nutrients.

During our visit to check on these woody structures - with our working partners from CNPA, Balmoral and Invercauld Estates - we also looked at the establishment of some of our riparian tree planting sites. It is great to see healthy trees appearing from the tops of the tree guards.  

We then went on to inspect a new site on the Gairn where further woody structures will be installed this autumn. This will be an exciting project on a larger scale than the Gelder, and will give the Gairn some much-needed habitat diversity, such as pools and riffles.

Trees for these structures will be wind-blown trees, sourced locally with the help of Invercauld Estate, and the project is also receiving support from SEPA, Dee Catchment Partnership and Iwan and Manuela Wirth.

 We’ll keep you posted on its development over the next few months!