Healthy Juvenile Stocks

February 08, 2019

The results of the 2018 electrofishing surveys show encouraging signs as fry and parr numbers have shown an increase in comparison to recent years. It was no surprise that there was a decline following Storm Frank, but the young fish have recovered quickly. 

 Field Officer, Pamela Esson, said, "It is encouraging to see the far reaches of the catchment being populated and I am pleased we have seen the best results in the last four years. We saw a marked increase in 2017 and a further boost in numbers during  2018. There is a health warning with this new data. The warm weather combined with the lack of rainfall over the spring and summer months resulted in very low water levels. It is possible that fish may have been pushed into neighbouring territories as the river became shallower and narrower, resulting in them living closer together and us catching more in the electrofishing surveys. "

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