Smolt Migration Through the River Dee and Harbour

March 06, 2019

The River Dee Trust has published its findings of the 2018 smolt tagging and tracking research and has revealed further huge losses of young fish, trying to make their way to the sea.

In addition to mounting evidence suggesting that large numbers of young salmon in the river are being killed by a growing population of invasive predatory birds, there is a fresh concern that losses in the harbour are adding further pressures to Dee salmon which is already under many different threats.

River Director Dr Lorraine Hawkins said: “We are already deeply concerned about the dramatic declines of one of Scotland’s most iconic species.  I believe our research could support other rivers in determining the nature of similar losses of young salmon. It is crucial that the conservation of wild salmon receives the support it deserves from government and its agencies. Salmon are a precious resource and the ongoing decline poses a very real threat to  rural jobs."