Robson's success spurs on his support for the Dee

July 02, 2021

Robson Green 4lb grilse Invery S pool 01.07.2021
Robson Green's 4lb grilse from the Invery and Tillquhillie 'beat's "S" pool

Robson Green took his love of extreme fishing to the Dee this week, and left with an angling experience he says he’ll never forget, and a plan to join other brave fishers in a 24-hour marathon next year.

Despite low water and sky-splitting sunshine over two days, he caught a salmon, lost another, and played two seatrout before they also got away at the Invery and Tilquillie beat. His partner Zoila played and lost a fish on the nearby Lower Blackhall and Banchory stretch.

He said: “I caught a beautiful 4lb grilse that actually fought like a ten-pounder. It was in really good condition. And I saw another 60 or 70 in the first evening. Of all the rivers in Scotland and Britain - if I were to go to cast a line - it would be the Dee.”

Robson put his success in overcoming the challenging conditions down to the expert guidance of ghillie Colin Simpson, and the choice of a size-12 Dee Sheep fly, fishing the beat’s “S” Pool.

Robson Green Invery Casting 1 01.07.2021
Robson Green loading up for a cast on the "S" pool

The actor whose “Extreme Fishing Challenge” TV series has attracted a global audience, revealed that he planned to join Dee anglers in a 24-hour marathon fishing event next year. The recent #Fishdee24 challenge was voted a huge success, raising more than £16,000 for work to help the river. The River Dee Trust has still to give formal approval for a follow-up, but there are high expectations it will get the go-ahead.

Robson had a message for other anglers. “You don’t have to run this marathon. You just have to fish for 24 hours. Who wouldn’t want to do that, because I’m going to do it!

“If you can, please get involved. The reason this river is so spectacular and so beautiful is because so many people invest in it, are passionate about it and take care of it. You’ll be catching some of the best Atlantic salmon in the world. What a great thing to do. I’ll see you there!"