A Living Gift

You can help us to help nature as we plant a living gift of trees on your behalf.

You can help us to help nature as we plant a living gift of trees on your behalf.

Please consider choosing a special gift that keeps on growing, or a living memorial to a loved one.

The River Dee Trust has committed to planting a million native trees along the riverbanks. Trees support the whole ecosystem, creating cooling shade to save threatened species. They provide nourishment for the rich web of life that relies on our river, encouraging insects and nutrients to support nature’s food chain.

It’s one of the biggest nature restoration projects ever undertaken in the Cairngorms, bringing back areas of landscape lost for 2000 years.


By supporting the planting of native trees, you can help restore one of Scotland’s most precious landscapes along the River Dee. Your gift will help nourish nature. It will protect one of the country’s most precious rivers. And it will be a deeply personal gesture.

You might be looking for a gift to mark a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, or a living memorial to someone you love. A living tribute in trees says much more than words.

Your gift can take several forms:

· Donate through our JustGiving page - https://www.justgiving.com/riverdeetrust.

For example, a £50 donation will plant 25 trees, £100 will provide 50, and £500 will plant 250.

· Or sponsor a special grove of 30 trees for £350. In return, you will receive a certificate, a picture of your young trees, and a grid reference location.

· Plant an entire wood with a substantial donation. Or you may wish to consider supporting our conservation work with a bequest.

If you would like to discuss any of these options, please contact our River Dee Trust Coordinator, Pamela Esson.

01339 880411



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