The River Dee Trust Shop contains our best selling buffs, book and trees as a gift for that special occasion

The River Trust shop has been set up to help boost our fundraising efforts. By making a purchase you are directly supporting our salmon research, river restoration work and the delivery of our education programme to schoolchildren across the catchment.

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Say it With Trees this Valentine's Day


Trees have the power to inspire and express our deepest feelings of love, gratitude, and happiness. They are mother nature’s gift to us. Why not make a special gesture to the one you love this Valentine’s day with a bouquet of trees from the River Dee Trust?

As part of our work to restore the catchment, your tree will be planted where it is most needed in upper reaches of the Dee and its tributaries to provide shade and nutrients.

Your tree will be a sapling of the type found to grow naturally in this part of the world; we will choose the most appropriate species to plant depending on the soil, location and time of year. To create as natural woodland as possible, we do not label individual trees nor attach plaques. We have a rolling programme of tree planting right through each winter season which your donation would contribute towards.

In return for your sponsorship, we issue an electronic Tree Gift Certificate for you to print out and present as desired.

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Click here to sponsor a bouquet of twenty-five trees for £50

River Dee Buffs


These highly desirable eco-friendly buffs have been designed by two talented and creative supporters; traditional fabric designer and weaver, Araminta Campbell, and River Dee Trustee and artist, Mel Shand.

The buffs are £15 each inc P&P

Click here to purchase Araminta's Tweed design

Click here to Purchase Mel's Living River design

Living River Festival

February 03, 2020

The River Dee Trust, organised the first festival to celebrate all aspects of the River Dee on Saturday. We were delighted it was such a success after hundreds of people took part in a range of events.

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A Million Trees to Save Our Salmon

January 30, 2020

The River Dee Trust has announced plans to plant a million native trees in one of the biggest nature restoration projects in the Cairngorms. The project will recreate areas of landscape that have been lost for 2000 years.

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