Prime time for American Mink activity

August 27, 2020

The River Dee Trust is a partner of the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative (SISI). One of the key aims of the project is to control American Mink. This work has been ongoing in various project guises since 2006 with support from the Dee DSFB and River Dee Trust. Today the RDT manages this aspect of the project across the Dee, Don, Cowie and Carron catchments and is grateful to all those that have and are still volunteering with this work, without you it would not be possible.

The months of August through to September have the highest volume of mink activity in terms of captures and sightings across the catchments. At this time of the year these invasive predators are on the move as juveniles disperse looking to establish new territories.

This is a key time for our mink volunteers who can help control this invasive predator by monitoring a mink raft and reporting sightings and assisting with control. Several mink have already been caught this season and the great work continues. At this time of the year Juvenile mink are mobile and are much easier to trap being relatively naive and very inquisitive, this helps make big inroads into the population at this time and limits the potential impact of them spreading into new territories.

Numbers of mink on the catchments are low following many years of successful control from volunteers coupled with traditional control provided by ghillies and gamekeepers. Whilst these numbers are still low we are conscious that this ferocious predator and prolific breeder could bounce back and are keen to keep on top of the problem.

We would be delighted to hear form you if you have seen any mink sightings, across these areas and are particularly keen to hear from potential volunteers on the Feugh catchment, once a previous stronghold for these invasives.

Please get in touch with Jamie Urquhart on or 01339 880411

Image courtesy of Tomasz Wesolowski

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